Quick Start

First review must read! and then follow these steps to start quickly with EAC Visual Data.

1. Login to your Learning Management System (LMS) using your instructor username and password.

2. Navigate into a course site, and click the EAC Visual Data link located in Course Tools.

Click the EAC Visual Data link

3. Important Note: If you don't see the EAC Visual Data link in Course Tools, make it available via Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability.

Tool Availability Make the EAC Visual Data tool available

4. The EAC Visual Data dashboard opens to a list of tests students have taken in your LMS course sites during the past 2 weeks.  Change the "Responses from" date then click the blue arrow to find tests students took more than 2 weeks ago. When you find a test you'd like to review, click its name to get reliability and other statistics.

Click a Test Name

5. A Test View opens to the Item Analysis tab.  Click the PDF icons if you prefer to review statistics in a PDF report.  Click the Excel export button if you prefer to review statistics in Excel.  Otherwise, scroll on this one Item Analysis page to see Summary Statistics including a KR(20); Item Analysis to see p-values, point biserial correlations, and Cronbach Alphas with Deletion; Distractors and distractor biserials to analyze the quality of distractors used for each question; and a Student – Questions table to see raw scores for each student on each question of the exam.

Item Analysis Tab

6. Consult the glossary for definitions of and ranges for the primary statistics used in EAC Visual Data.

Learn about the Test View in more detail or go to general documentation