Item Analysis Tab

The Item Analysis tab provides four tables to help assess the reliability of the selected test and its questions.

Test View

1. Summary Statistics. The Summary Statistics table provides overall test-level statistics including a KR(20).

Summary Statistics Table

2. Item Analysis. The Item Analysis table provides reliability statistics for each question including a p-Value, point biserial correlation, and Cronbach Alpha with Deletion.

Item Analysis Table

3. Distractors. The Distractors table provides information on how well each answer choice "works" for each question. Consult the Distractors Key next to the Distractor table to see if answer choices are useful or not.

Distractors Table

4. Student-Questions. The Student-Questions table provides the raw student scores with which the reliability statistics are computed. In this table, a "1" means the student answered a question correctly (i.e., the student earned 1 point for that question), and a "0" means the student answered the question incorrectly (i.e., the student earned no points for that question).

Student-Questions Table

Consult the glossary for definitions of and ranges for the primary statistics used in EAC Visual Data.

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