Deployer Mode and Retriever Mode

What are Deployer Mode & Retriever Mode?

Deployer Mode and Retriever Mode are linked together and work hand in hand.

Deployer Mode gives authorized users of EAC Outcomes the ability to deploy any survey or test which resides in the EACLibrary course into “shadow” courses for one or more Blackboard Learn™ course or organization.  EAC Outcomes automatically creates “shadow” courses if they do not already exist.

  • Note: A "shadow" course is a Blackboard Learn course with the identical student enrollment as the actual course, but whose instructor is the EAC Outcomes Deployer rather than the actual instructor of the Blackboard Learn course. This way, the actual instructor cannot access the assessment or its results during deployment. Students reach deployed assessments through the EAC Survey and Test links. (It's easy for a System Administrator to find all "shadow" courses at once, because the Blackboard Learn Course ID for each "shadow" course begins with "EACD_".)

Retriever Mode gives Deployers the ability to retrieve using EAC Outcomes all survey and test data from assessments which that Deployer actually deployed into “shadow” courses.

Which Special Permission Course in Blackboard Learn creates Deployer Mode and Retriever Mode privileges for EAC Outcomes users?

The EACDeployer course: The name of the special course in Blackboard Learn must be EACDeployer.

How do I give Deployer Mode and Retriever Mode privileges to authorized EAC Outcomes users?
  1. Enroll as an instructor of the EACDeployer course a user with System Administrator privileges.
  2. Enroll as the student(s) in the EACDeployer course all authorized individuals who should have Deployer Mode privileges.
  3. Enroll as the instructor(s) of the EACLibrary course all Deployers from Step 2.

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