Administrator Mode

What is Administrator Mode?

Administrator Mode gives an authorized EAC user the ability to retrieve all test & rubric data from those Blackboard Learn™ courses and organizations that share unique program, department, or other codes in their respective Blackboard Course Names and/or Course IDs or Organization Names and/or Organization IDs.

Which Special Permission Course in Blackboard Learn creates Administrator Mode privileges for EAC users?

The EACAdministrator course: The name of the special permission course in Blackboard Learn must be EACAdministrator (case sensitive).

How do I give Administrator Mode privileges to authorized EAC users?
  1. Enroll as an instructor of the EACAdministrator course a user with System Administrator privileges.
  2. Enroll as the student(s) in the EACAdministrator course all authorized individuals who should have Administrator Mode privileges in EAC.
  3. Create at least one Group in the EACAdministrator course. There may be as many Groups in the EACAdministrator course as suit your institution's needs. For instance, there may be one Group for the College of Business and another Group for the College of Education.
  4. In the Description field for each Group, create a comma-separated list of unique program, department, or other codes that appear in the group's Blackboard Learn Course Names/Course IDs or Organization Names/Organization IDs. For instance, the "Business" Group might consist of all Blackboard Learn courses which contain the unique Course ID fragments of BUSN, FINC, and MGMT. Make sure the Group is Available. Note: The unique fragments should be ALL CAPS and there should be no spaces after each comma.
  5. Select Members for each Group. The Members will be the EAC Administrators for the Course Names/IDs or Organization Names/IDs listed in the Group's Description field.

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